Idea of the core

As a child our team member’s struggled a lot due to poor family situations. We thought this should vanished.

One of the idea to start the team was given by our friend Mr. A. Ramkumar who passed away.


We plan a day we buy food with our own income, we pack the food and we donate to the poor people. In starting we donated 50 persons food. Monthly once we done with our own income.

Once 51 person raising hands for food we feel very bad due to financial crisis. Then we started to collect the money with our friends colleagues and family members.


Struggle we faced

Even in bad climatic conditions we never give up our intention. There are some problem in our life ( 1. Financial crisis, 2. The raise in petrol price. 3. Our family circumstances, 4. The problems we are facing in our job ). Even through there are so many problems in our life, we the 14 members are working together. So we are calling these members as the ``Pillars of Kalam Trust``.

Every one start trusting us:

All donors are happy with our work. They started encouraging us by motivating, referring with their family and friends. Donors like our continuous work and updated according to the donation and future plans.

Starting of the Journey

Once we stared earning us though to start a new way to the poor people who all struggle to live a normal life.

Our team was opened by Mr. Jaganathan (Rtd) our school teacher.

We started a group called “Golden friends team”.

Mr. Jaganathan (Rtd)
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Mrs. Saraswathi Elanchezhian
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Golden Person

After Mrs. Saraswathi Elanchezhian M.A, M.Ed (Rtd AHM) joined in our trust.

We are encouraged to do social work.

She donated for poor people and team members also.

Our team members also struggled lot during COVID situation.

She is the only person who helped us. She is the only reason for our trust development.

Pillars of Kalam's Trust

Gifted Persons

Luckily our team got a hand from our neighbour Mr. Jayavel. He then joined with deaf and dumb friends in our team, then our team become more developed.

We will help the living

According to our tag line our School Friend A. Ram Kumar (late) and team members Mr. Raja and Mr. Ganesan (deaf) have passed away.


Mr.Ram Kumar


Problems to the poor

We noticed that they have more problems. We start to collect funds for education, government school renovation, orphanage old age person struggling. Moreover now we are trying to solve all the problems of the poor.

At now

Now we have 683 members in our team with all family supports. We are starting in almost 12 districts in Tamilnadu. All the team members are dedicated to work for the poor people who are hungry.