Let’s join the hands together to stop the hunger and make them feel better. DONATE US Let’s join the hands together to stop the hunger and make them feel better. DONATE US Let’s join the hands together to stop the hunger and make them feel better. DONATE US

Helping Hands Trust

நிச்சயம் ஒருநாள் விடியும்
அது உன்னால் மட்டுமே முடியும்

  • Food Donation

    We joined our hands together to reduce the people who are hungry on the roadside, in the poverty area. We are currently in 12 districts and 17 branches throughout tamilnadu. We are donating a meal for the people who are living in roadside.

  • Planting Trees

    We plant the trees on important days around lakes, ponds and road side in all districts.

  • Educational Help

    Our team doing education help to the special children, sports students and poor family students to join them in higher education (college and school).
    Our team changed two child labour who worked in garbage dump into school going students.

    We also provide the students’ needs like books, bicycle, uniforms, writing table.

    We encourage the student by presenting the books they need for success in their aims like IAS books, NASA student books, BANK exam books.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one
- Mother Teresa

Zero hunger is our target.
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Orphanage donation

Our team doing helps for orphanage home by giving Food, Rice, Grocery, Water purifier, Grinder, Fans, Bed, Pillow, Bedsheet, Bedspreads, Cleaning materials.

Pandemic helps

COVID/Cyclone our team helps the people whatever help they need.

Blood donation

Our team is ready to donate blood in any situation.

Spreading seed balls

Our team members collect seeds, prepare seed balls in weekly holiday and we spread in Lakes, Ponds, Puddle, and Roadside.

Hands Raise Against Hunger Team

Quality education for all

Primary school

We donated to primary school smart class kit, Loudspeaker, build Water tank. We renovated the

Encouraging learning

We encourage the student to learn and we are helping the student according to their needs like fees, dress, bicycle, etc.,

உயிருள்ளவரை உதவிடுவோம்




Orphanage Home




Dr Kalam's Way Trust



Go Green



School/Higher Studies






We are happy to help poor people with your help.
Kindly donate us to help more.
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We are shifting the helpless persons to the orphaned homes. We are helping the poor student to continue their higher education. We are helping the daily wages people by giving their daily needs.


Our team target is a zero hunger challenge. All the students need to be educated. We
help the poor people according to their needs with the funds we collect.

Join Hands Together

Do a good deed, help someone in need.

We serving 12 district and 17 Branches
to save people’s lives

Head office: Kanchipuram

1. Sriperumbudur, 2. Pattukottai 3. Thirunelveli,
4. Coimbatore 5. Thirupur 6. Avinashi
7. Puddukottai 8. Theni 9. Thiruvannamali
10. Tenkasi 11. Madurantakam 12. Chengalpattu
13. Uthiramerur 14. Karur 15. Kuvathur
16. Thiruvallur 17.Chennai-Manali, Tambaram, Guduvanchery.