Food Service

We donate food for hunger who are living without home in roadside, poor area people who are struggling to have a meal in a day, orphanages and the people who are struggling in the pandemic situations.

Go Green

Our team target is planting 5,00,000 trees around all over Tamil Nadu.
We are planting trees and spreading seed balls around the lakes and pond in all districts.

Health Camps

We donate Blood and Eye.
We are donating to the government hospital needs likes fan, bed, bedsheet, cleaning materials sanitizer,gloves, masks, etc.,
We donate Gas Flow Regulator Meter used in Oxygen Cylinder to control the flow.

Golden Friends

We are ready to help poor people who needs.

Dr. Kalam's Way
Helping Hands Trust

Our hands joined with 14 persons, now we have joined more than 683 person’s hands in our team.

We are proud to say this “we join our hands to help other at any time”.

Now we have branches in 12 districts and 17 branches.




Seed Balls


Eye Donation



What We Do

We do what really needs
  • Celebrating the Important days:

              Our team celebrate all the important day in a year like , APJ Abdul kalam’s birthday and memorable day, Republic day, Women’s day, International Labour day, Nurse day, Mother’s day, World day against child Labour, Blood donor day, United Nation’s Public Service Day, Doctor’s Day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, International  Day of the Older Person, Gandhi Jayanthi,World water day, International trees day, World hunger day, World Environmental day.

  • Disinfectant Spraying:

              Due to COVID-19 situation we spraying disinfectant all areas around our areas.

  • Cleansing the pond:

              The pond is full of dust and waste things. We joined hands to clean the pond using JCB with our team members and public.

  • Missing Women:

    Our team found out the girl who missing her family.  Our team joined hands with police and women welfare to join the women with her family within 24 hours. We made it.

  • Funeral Rites:

              Our team done a funeral rites to old grandma who does not have any family members. She lived in road side.

  • Cyclone Help:

              Tamilnadu affected during cyclone, our team go to the place, and we prepare food and donated to them. We collected dresses here and we gave them to the affected people.

  • Pandemic Help Service:

              We are donating to the poor people and who are affected by this pandemic situation by giving them rice, vegetables, medicine, child care products. Our team donate to the people who worked without rest in Police, Medical, Electrical, Cleaning departments by giving them safety equipment and protecting shield.

  • Supported Blind women marriage:

              We donated bride and groom dresses for wedding.

  • Special children help:

              Our team donated wheel chair, wall ladder, Standing frame, Trampoline, Circular Fingers exercise, Shoulder abduction ladder, Foot placement ladder, CP chair.

  • Climate help:

              Our team donating according to the climate change. On summer season, we prepare buttermilk, juice and we donate to roadside people. On winter season, we donate bedsheet to the roadside people.

Kindly donate us to help more.